Remote UX Research without the grunt work.

Try the faster way to:

Recruit participants (automatically)
Capture user research sessions
Synthesize and visualize findings

Recruiting... Synthesizing... Do you find it hard?

As UX researchers, recruiting participants, analyzing and synthesizing results are often the hardest and most time-consuming parts of the job. Let's face it, you are doing research to make an impact. In order to make an impact, you need to come up with some pretty actionable insights and the faster you can do it, the better.

The problem is that coming up with great insights from your research is a very long and tedious process.

Here is just a sample of the pain you have to go through:

You need to identify, screen and reach out to participants. And do it regularly.
You need to be able to take good notes while the participant is talking and doing his or her thing
You then have to put (often copy-paste) your notes in the right place and organize them
Then you need to review all your notes, sometimes forgetting part of the original context
Finally, you have to sort the notes into themes and categories and come up with ways to visualize your findings

And of course, it's way harder if you are taking your notes mainly on paper or using different methods at the same time: post-its, notepads, Word docs etc. It gets scattered and messy very quickly!

Well, is doesn't need to be that hard. What if you could put more time into research instead of grunt work?

Imagine a world where:

You wouldn't have to lose eye-contact with your participant anymore, scrambling to write down stuff
You wouldn't have to copy-paste your notes from your notebook or app A to app B
You wouldn't have to wonder which participant said that specific thing and when
You wouldn't have to do another round of copy-pasting to analyze and synthesize your notes in Excel or Trello
You wouldn't have to manually count how many times that theme came up in the research
You wouldn't get overwhelmed with the huge amount of data you've collected
You would have better things to do :)

Userstand is the first UX Research app that focuses on reducing all this grunt work.

I've built Userstand to make UX Researchers free of grunt work. Here is how it works:

Schedule UX Research sessions automatically

Automatic participant recruiting.

Doing user interviews and user testing can be very time-intensive. With Userstand, automatically send a few emails each day to fill your calendar with moderated research sessions or get people to do unmoderated user testing sessions on their own. That way, you also don't have to pay for participants who are "professional testers", and who sometimes are not really customers or potential customers.

Capture and analyze your research sessions

Just send a link.

Recording moderated and unmoderated sessions is simple. Just send a link to your participant and you will be able to record the audio, the face and the screen of your participant, all in the browser.

Notes with timestamps, themes and categories.

Take your notes directly in Usersand and keep everything in the same place. Add themes and categories to your notes to have them automatically sorted in an online post-board.

Automatic transcripts.

Note-taking is not easy. With automatic transcription, you can focus less on what people are saying and more on what they are doing. The transcript is synced to the video so you can resurface any moment very easily by doing a keyword search. The transcription has currently about 90% accuracy.

Synthesize and visualize your findings quickly

Online post-it board

Post-its have the bad habit to fall off the wall. Don't waste precious time organizing your post-its or your digital notes on a board that was not designed with you in mind. Userstand's board is built automatically from your notes and is infinitely more flexible, durable and shareable.

Context-rich notes.

Have you ever struggled to remember some specific details missing from a note? Well, click on any note on your Userstand's board and play the video at the specific moment the note was taken. Share it with your team and convince without arguing.

Quantify and visualize your findings.

No more fiddling with Excel or manually counting how many time each theme came up in the research. Userstand automatically builds a report from your board, with all your themes and categories.

And also...

Search and remember anything.

Effortlessly find any project, research session or specific moment

Collaborate with your team.

Invite and work in real-time with an unlimited amount of team members

Okay, I'm interested... How much does it cost?

Friendly prices with simple plans.


Small Team

Large Team

Solo plan
2 hours of recording / month
All features & Unlimited users
Small Team
12 hours of recording / month
All features & Unlimited users
Large Team
50 hours of recording / month
All features & Unlimited users

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