Remote UX Research without the grunt work.

Recruit participants (automatically)
Capture user research sessions
Synthesize and visualize findings

Turning research into insights is crazy tedious

Here is just a sample of the pain you have to go through:

You need to identify, screen and reach out to participants – and do it regularly
You need to take good notes while observing the participant
You have to put (who said copy-paste?) your notes in the right place
You need to review all your notes, sometimes forgetting the original context
You have to sort the notes into themes and categories

Of course, it's way harder if you are taking your notes on paper or using different supports at the same time: post-its, notepads, Word docs etc. Gets messy real quick.

Userstand lets you focus on what really matters

Never lose eye-contact with your participant anymore
Don't copy-paste your notes from your notebook or app A to app B
Don't wonder which participant said that specific thing and when
Don't copy-paste again to analyze and synthesize your notes in Excel
Don't count manually how many times each theme came up in the research
Don't get overwhelmed by your data

Synthesize and visualize your findings way faster

Themes and categories to organize

Edit your real-time notes and add new notes when reviewing your recordings. Enrich your notes with themes and categories to get them automatically sorted and displayed on an online post-it board.

Online post-it board to visualize

Userstand's board is automatically built from your notes' themes and categories. It is flexible, durable and shareable online. You can share a link to the entire board or to a specific theme, category or note.

Visual report to quantify

No more fiddling with Excel or manually counting how many times each theme came up in the research. Userstand automatically builds detailed charts from your board, with all your themes and categories.

Focus on the participant without sacrificing your notes

Real-time notes, synced to the video

Just hit ENTER to note an interesting moment and avoid losing focus on the participant during the session. Writing is fine too if you type fast, but it's not required. Every note you take is timestamped so you can get back to the exact moment easily, and edit your note if needed.

Automatic transcripts

With the support of automatic transcription, you can focus less on what people are saying and more on what they are doing. The transcript is synced to the video so you can later quickly resurface any moment by doing a keyword search. The transcription has currently about 90% accuracy.

Recruit participants without wasting time and money

No software install

Record user testing sessions, moderated and unmoderated, by sharing a link. Capture the audio, the face and the screen of your participant. Everything's done in the browser, no desktop software required. Userstand also works on mobile websites with dedicated iOS and Android apps for recording.

Automatic participant recruiting

Forget paid testers. Your real customers are probably not trying to make a few bucks online by testing websites all day.

With Userstand, automatically send daily emails with your Gmail account to recruit qualified participants from your audience without hassle or spending big bucks.

We integrate with Mailchimp, Drip and Intercom. Choose the revelant list, tag or segment, write a message with your project's link and you are done.

Simple plans with friendly prices

Solo plan Solo

Growth Small Team

Rocket Large Team

Solo plan Solo
2 hours of recording / month
All features
Unlimited users
Growth Small Team
12 hours of recording / month
All features
Unlimited users
Rocket Large Team
30 hours of recording / month
All features
Unlimited users

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