A/B Test Implementation Service For High-Traffic Product Teams.

Are you a product team wanting to:

  • Improve your metrics by testing new designs or features?
  • Lower your risk when deploying a new feature or design?

Each time you want to A/B test:

  • You explain me your goals and I help you plan
  • I implement, deploy and monitor the test
  • You get a detailed report of the outcome

My name is Ismaël Sow. I'm a software developer, web analyst and conversion rate optimizer who has helped dozens of enterprise and mid-stage companies launch their A/B tests. One of my proudest moments has been to A/B test a 26M visits/month website with my own custom-built solution using a few lines of javascript code (→ lots of money saved).


I'm also the founder of Searchness, a new user research app with more relevant participants and I've published articles on well known industry blogs like:

Is your dev team swamped, with no time to do any A/B test? I can help.


Are there any requirements?

In order to work with Userstand, you should have:
  • Enough traffic (at least 1000 conversions per month on the pages or funnel you want to test).
  • The necessary design assets for your variations (currently, I don't provide custom graphics, custom fonts etc.).
  • An A/B testing tool already installed (for example Optimizely, VWO, Google Optimize, Adobe Target, Oracle Maxymiser, Kameleoon, AB Tasty etc.).

Are there any types of tests you will not do?

In general, any test that would involve huge redesigns or backend code:
  • Native mobile applications - unless you want to test webviews.
  • Full-page redesigns - unless you have the new page(s) developed by your team.
  • Backend-related functionality (like your search ranking algorithms).

What happens after I order?

  • After you order a test, I'll send you a link to my calendar for a kickoff call.
  • During the call, I'll gather all the necesary context for the test.
  • I'll double-check if your test is a good fit for the service.
  • If it's not a good fit, I'll send you a refund and tell you the reasons.
  • If it's a good fit, the test will be ready for launch within 5 business days.
  • You'll get to preview it and sign it off before it's pushed live.

What quality assurance process do you have before pushing tests live?

I've developed a very robust process to guarantee that tests are deployed into production smoothly and without unwanted side-effects.
  • I use only vanilla javascript code with no external library to avoid any conflicts with your codebase.
  • I do a lot of performance optimizations in order to avoid flicker effects and slowdowns of your pages.
  • I run extended quality assurance checks on all browsers and operating systems relevant to your test.
  • I check your development and testing roadmaps to make sure the new A/B test doesn't interfere with any other scheduled changes.
  • I share a preview version of the test on the production website that only you and your dev team can see and try.
  • I monitor your analytics post-deployment to ensure there's no unusual patterns.

What type of report do you provide?

I'll configure the test to send all its data into your analytics tool so you'll always have the full picture and will be able to dig as deep as you want. I'll send you a report showing the results of the A/B test for up to 3 key performance metrics. For each metric and each platform where your test ran, the report will specify which variation won, by how much and if the result is statistically significant (so you can deploy the winning variation safely in production).

In a typical setup, the data would be sent to Google Analytics and the report rendered in Google Data Studio or Google Sheets.

Have specific questions?
Drop me a line at ismael@userstand.com